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Hemp Grinders

Hemp Grinders

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Colour: Purple

For all environmentally conscious friends of grinders, the well-known Hemp shredders are now also available in hemp plastic. This material is completely biodegradable and uses only a fraction of the energy and resources needed to produce metal or plastic grinders

In terms of cutting quality, hemp shredders are in no way inferior to those made of aluminium. Depending on how long you grind the herbs, you get from coarse to finely ground building material. Due to the 2-part design, the herbs remain in the grinder until the end, so you can influence the consistency yourself through the duration of grinding. No matter how resinous the source material is, this grinder made of hemp processes it suitably for vapers and spliff.

Technical details:

  • Color: white
  • 2 parts
  • 55mm diameter
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